WATCH: Jedigoddess Presents, July 4th 2015, ‘Murica Films, Guests Brooke Cottrell & Stephen Kirby, Comics and MORE!


Join us for this very special, very ‘Murica episode of Jedigoddess Presents, we celebrate July 4th by honoring those films that are so UBER American, we can’t help but let our Geeks flags run high!!

New Segments include: Not Keanu & The Ones That Made It.

We also break in the NEW Deep Ellum On Air studio and we have PLENTY of photographic proof, muhahahaha!

Special Guests:

– Brooke Cottrell of Titan Comics

Visual Artists:

– Stephen Kirby

Everyday for K-Zach …..

11667527_890328344354906_236433250579586786_n 11540831_890328254354915_6847174895869901731_n 11539604_890328311021576_3027063470047743446_n 11412192_890328277688246_1727653349949945075_n 11214237_890318834355857_1357719368010264122_n 11141202_890328264354914_6897906491637754140_n

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