REVIEW: Tomorrowland Brings Us A Vision For The Future and It’s Bright!


Christy Jedigoddess
By: Christy Jedigoddess

“Tomorrowland”  tells the story of Frank Walker (George Clooney) and Casey Newton (Britt Robertson) . The film begins when we see a young Frank heading to the New York World’s Fair in 1964 to present his invention, a jet pack. While his presentation for his invention does not go off quite as planned, he meets a young girl named Athena who convinces him that his invention is worthy of something, bigger.


Back in present day we meet Casey, a high school girl who is an innovator in her own right, who wants to change the world.  Little does she know she is about to do just that…

Tomorrowland is a film with a lot of heart and a strong message. It echos that same message about innovation and magic that I remember Disney for as a child. What I really enjoyed about this film is how it was a throwback in style and story to classic futuristic serials of the 1940’s while touching themes that are current. This film reminded me a lot of one of my favorite films, The Rocketeer with Billy Campbell, by encompassing that same visionary spirit for the future.


The film explores the concept that we make our own future and if we continue on a path that is not fruitful then we may very well not leave anything for future generations.  Now as this may sound like a depressing theme, it is not presented that way in the film. The film gives hope openly with emphasis on the importance of  the power we have to change things.


I found this to be inspiring and it really pushed the envelope of imagination. I would say this film is perfect for sitting with the family and talking about creativity. Brad Bird has presented a jewel of a story that brought back themes that haven’t been explored in film for a while.

The blu-ray, which was released on October 13th, heightens the film even more. Brad Bird’s “Remembering the Future” Segment was really touching to see. It is always important to see a film from the Director’s perspective as it gives insight to those moments of film that can be easily overlooked. The bonus features also include, Deleted Scenes, a Digital copy of the film, Castings sessions, and more!


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